New Lineage 2 private servers

No Changes for now...

Gold Guard - The best Antibot out there!

We want to introduce you our fully Customizated Protection & Antibot System which is created by our team.
It has been developed from the best coders around the l2 scene and it is ready to eliminate any possible "botter" who will login on our server in order to gain faster materials, items & other stuff.

It has been designed with 3 different ways in order to prevent the adrenaline or any other known botting software which might the potential boters use.

For legit users: You don't have to afraid for anything just login and have fun!
For Botters: Be carefull of what programs you may use when you try to login on our server because the system will identify your botting (or hacking) software and maybe will ban you.
We will be really strict with the people who will use bots on our server because the 99% of the servers die for this reason.

So we want to warn you before our Grand Opening that we will not forgive these kind of actions here.